Schooner the parrot has been returned to a pet store in Bedford, N.S. and a 29-year-old Farmington man is facing several charges related to the bird-napping.

Halifax Regional Police and Integrated HRP/RCMP General Investigation Section members used a search warrant to enter a home in the Bridgewater area Wednesday night after receiving tips from the public.

The $2,999 blue-fronted Amazon parrot was welcomed home with open arms by his handlers at the Pets Unlimited store in Bedford Thursday morning. Schooner was treated to half a banana, which he gobbled down.

"He's more cuddly," said Jennifer Donaldson, the assistant manager at the store. "I think he's really happy to be back."

Staff at the store are crediting the help of people who use social media for bringing their beloved feathered friend home. He was taken Monday night. Police said one man kept staff busy while another man took the parrot and left the store.

Suspect in parrot theft at Pets Unlimited in Bedford

Heather Tonner took a screen grab of a man leaving the store with the parrot and shared it online. (Facebook)

Store employee Heather Tonner was working that night. Once she realized Schooner was gone, she said she called the police and turned to the security video. Toner took a screen grab of a man leaving the store with the parrot and asked her brother to share it online.

Tonner said people as far away as Ottawa knew that Schooner had been stolen.

Tonner said she's ecstatic the bird is back.

"He's back where he belongs," she said. "He's such a little doll."

Store Manager Krista Hartinger said they have no idea what happened to Schooner during his three days away. 

"He got into the car and the first thing he said, I think, was a very meek 'hello' followed by a 'peekaboo,'" she said. "It's like, the longest game of peekaboo ever."

Schooner was taken to a vet who gave him the all clear before being returned to the store. 

"I don't know what he told police," said Hartinger.

The man accused of stealing the parrot was in court Thursday to face charges of theft and possession under $5,000. Jacob Wandless was released on $200 bail. One of his conditions is that he cannot be within 10 metres of a pet store.