Nova Scotia's Serious Incident Response Team has been called in after a stolen car involved in a police chase overturned on a ramp on Highway 102 in Halifax.

Halifax Regional Police said three people were in the car, but only one man was taken to the Queen Elizabeth II Health Sciences Centre after the incident Friday morning at Exit 1K on Dunbrack Street and North West Arm Drive.

"We're looking into an incident of a pursuit engaged by the Halifax Regional Police service early this morning involving one vehicle that commenced on North West Arm Drive and ended on an off ramp off Highway 102," said Ron MacDonald, the director of the Serious Incident Response Team.

"As the vehicle tried to exit that highway, the vehicle went part way down the ramp, lost control, flipped over a guardrail on to actually another ramp and came to rest."

The ramp was closed for several hours as Halifax Regional Police conducted their investigation.

"One of the individuals in the vehicle was taken to hospital with serious injuries and is currently under medical care so as a result of those injuries, the Halifax Regional Police contacted the SIRT team," MacDonald told CBC News.

He said the car involved in the police pursuit was stolen.