After more than two weeks of investigation, police say they have no leads in the disappearance of Donna Lee Sweeny.  

The 45-year-old mother went for a walk on Super Bowl Sunday, Feb. 3, and hasn't been seen since.  

Halifax police Const. Pierre Bourdages admits that Sweeny's disappearance in out of the ordinary.  


Donna Lee Sweeny, 45, went for a walk on Super Bowl Sunday, Feb. 3, and hasn't been seen since.

"It is very unusual. It is very concerning. We have someone that literally vanished out of thin air," he said.  

The Sunday she disappeared, Sweeny left her home on Second Street in Dartmouth heading to a friend's house on nearby Lakecrest Drive.

The walk through the quiet residential neighbourhood would normally have taken about 10 minutes. But Sweeny never arrived.  

"We've reached out to local residents, we've reached out to businesses, we've been following up with various leads we had, and nothing has turned out," said Bourdages. "We have had no sighting of Ms. Sweeny since her disappearance."  

Bourdages said canine units and an RCMP helicopter searched nearby parks, properties and the shores of nearby lakes but turned up nothing.  

A neighbour who spoke to Sweeny the day before her disappearance said she seemed happy, and was looking forward to a job interview on Monday.

Bourdages said the investigation remains active, and police are still looking for the public's help.  

"We are urging anybody with any kind of information, [no matter how] small, to contact us, so we can follow up on it and try to determine exactly where Ms. Sweeny is," he said.