The following is a statement sent to CBC News from the Taavel family:  

"This is a detailed Report which will take the family some time to absorb and to provide a substantive response to government. However, the Report clearly acknowledges gaps in policy and practice that can be filled, and recommendations have been made that the Public/Press must review and ensure that Government implements without delay with transparent accountability.  

While we support effective treatment options for mentally ill forensic patients, we strongly believe that these need to be balanced to a greater degree with protection of the public from patients with a history of, or present a risk of violence, or a risk of going absent without leave.   

In some areas we believe more can and should be done than appears to be contemplated in these important recommendations to protect the public.   

We believe that limited use of GPS tracking systems for certain offenders/patients with a history of violence, or going AWOL, could and would assist authorities in locating them before the public comes to any harm, is not unreasonable.   

The Report suggests a cursory dismissal of the need to even consider or even further study such mechanisms simply because it is not done elsewhere in Canada, or that there is no sufficient research to consider its efficacy. (GPS tracking in these types of situations is used successfully in many US states and now in the UK)  

Our legal council is studying the recommendations contained in the Report and will be filing  a comprehensive response with Government as soon as possible."