Nova Scotia welcomes starships too, according to a cheeky website inspired by the official campaign to land a $25-billion shipbuilding contract.

The site, called Starships Start Here, was launched by Halifax web developer Andrew Burke. It's a riff on the official campaign, Ships Start Here.

"For me, at least, it's been fun because it's two of my favourite things, which is Nova Scotia and spaceships," Burke said with a laugh.

Irving Shipbuilding Inc., which owns the Halifax Shipyard, is hoping to land a $25-billion contract to build navy ships. It's the biggest prize in a federal shipbuilding plan estimated to be worth $35 billion.

The official campaign website touts the benefits for Halifax and the rest of the region. It features photos of ships and workers at various sites.

Burke's take on that earnest site has Star Wars walkers on Citadel Hill and Captain Kirk battling an alien at Peggys Cove.

"It's a bit of a funny juxtaposition because so much of Nova Scotia is a lot of historical things and natural things, and you mix these very futuristic and space-age things," he said.

Burke makes some of the images himself, but he has received more than 30 from people as far away as South Korea.

He knows people in Ottawa are aware of his site too.

"I have seen from the statistics that people in Ottawa have been looking at it. I'm not sure who in Ottawa, but hopefully influential people," he said.

Irving Shipbuilding is competing against yards in B.C. and Quebec. A decision is expected this week.

Burke is cheering on the local bid. He said he received an email from someone with the public relations team behind the official website describing his site as "pretty funny."

No matter what happens with the shipbuilding contract, Burke said he'll maintain his site for fun. He said there are more photos to come.

"Since I started thinking about the idea, everywhere I go around town now I keep thinking this would be a great place to put a spaceship of some kind," he said.