A couple from southwest Nova Scotia is celebrating 75 years of wedded bliss Thursday and they say they've never had a single major fight.

Charlie and Annie Muise of Tusket, both 95, married in 1942 — three months before Charlie shipped off to fight in the Second World War.

They didn't see each other again for more than three years.

"It didn't feel too good, but she was good and waited for me," said Charlie.

He wrote letters to Annie nearly every week.

"Oh, God, did I ever. I wrote a lot of letters," he said.

In the dark about the war

Charlie couldn't say much about what was happening in the war so no classified information fell into the wrong hands, said Annie.

"He told me how much he loved me, things like that and he hoped we would be together soon," she said.

"It was a good thing we didn't know — where there was no television — so we didn't know what was going on overseas.

"But you had to live from day to day because you didn't know when you would get a phone call or something that they were gone or something like that. It wasn't easy."

Charlie and Annie Muise

Charlie and Annie Muise were married July 13, 1942. (Muise family)

For her part, Annie would send Charlie a parcel every month that included tobacco and the odd chocolate bar — a rare treat during the war.

"And I was lucky enough that I received all of 'em," he said.

'When you're in love, you're enjoying yourself'

Through the decades and raising eight children, the Muises say life wasn't always easy, but they managed to work it out.

"We had our bad days but we never … had a fight. Sometimes we'd [argue] over stupid things but we got over it," said Annie.

"I never had no problems. When you're in love you're enjoying yourself," he said with a chuckle.

"In 75 years you're bound to have some disagreements sometimes, but we always talked it over and we got over it and things were fine."

Couple is in good health

Charlie said their health is pretty good, considering the almost 200 years they've collectively been on this planet. Charlie turns 96 on Aug. 3.

As for their anniversary, they plan on having a low-key celebration with close family.

"It's hard to believe, you know, sometimes it seems like a long time, other times it doesn't," said Annie.

Charlie and Annie Muise

Charlie and Annie Muise of Tusket married in 1942, three months before Charlie shipped off to fight in the Second World War. (Muise family)