The lineup for Easter dinner at Souls Harbour Rescue Mission on Saturday was out the door, down the stairs and spread down the sidewalk in front of the Halifax church.

About 350 people came to Souls Harbour on Cunard Street for a roasted pork dinner served by volunteers. The atmosphere was lively and celebratory.

"I'm on a very low income, you can only do so much. I can't work medically so this is Easter and it's the best," diner Margaret Kethro said.

"It just lifts you up and I can't just thank them enough."

Executive director and founder Michelle Porter said it's important that people remember those who aren't able to  participate the holidays that the rest of us take for granted.

"Most of us celebrate Easter at home with family or friends," she said.

"We forget that there are people who are living in our very own city who don't really get to celebrate the reason for the season and the actual holiday, so we love to serve it here at Soul's Harbour."

Diners were also provided with gift bags containing an assortment of toiletries and a shirt.

With files from Stephanie vanKampen