Myles MacIntosh was last seen at his own stag party at Outlaws bar on Feb. 1. (Courtesy Saskatoon Police )

Search crews are using sonar technology to try to find the body of a missing Nova Scotia man in the South Saskatchewan River in Saskatoon.

Police say officers are working with Shearwater Marine Services and the Saskatoon Fire Department to locate the remains of Gregory Myles MacIntosh.

Macintosh, who was 28, is believed to have fallen into the river and drowned just after midnight on Feb. 2 during his stag party.

Police say the former resident of Lunenberg, N.S., was on a pub crawl with friends when he got into a fight with someone on the bus.

Officers called to the river bank by witnesses found blood that DNA analysis confirmed came from MacIntosh.

A 33-year-old Saskatoon man is charged with aggravated assault in relation to the fight on the bus.

MacIntosh's fiancee has said she wants his body found so she can take it home to his parents.