Sobeys chess

High school student Adam Dorrance (right) takes on Sobeys CEO Marc Poulin in a game of chess. (CBC)

Adam Dorrance is just 15 years old and on Thursday he took on the head of the Sobeys grocery empire.

But the Central Kings Rural high school student wasn't staring at chief executive Marc Poulin across the boardroom table.

Rather, it was a chessboard set up at the New Minas Sobeys. On this day Dorrance proved himself king.

"From the onset knew he was much better than I am. In the game itself, when I lost that first piece, I was already in trouble," Poulin said.

It was all part of a fundraising effort to help Dorrance attend the 2013 World Youth Chess Championship in the United Arab Emirates. Employees at the New Minas Sobeys managed to raise $4,000 to help with the cost.

Poulin is no slouch at chess and he is president of the Quebec Chess Federation.

But Dorrance quickly had him on the ropes, and that’s no surprise. He’s been playing since he was five and has won the the grade title seven times at the National Canadian Chess Challenge.

"I wasn’t sure at the start, but once I got the first couple of pieces it started getting a bit better for me," Dorrance said. "It was a pretty good game."