Nova Scotia Power is warning snowmobilers in the Cape Breton Highlands to watch out for power lines and poles because snowdrifts in some areas are so high they reach overhead power lines.

Snowmobilers say the situation is worst along Route 755 going up to the Wreck Cove area.

It looks to me like the snow slid down and caused this because I've never seen it this way in this area before," said Fred Lewis, who has been snowmobiling for nearly 40 years.

"Usually when you come down here it's pretty flat but it seems like the snow, maybe a mini-avalanche came down the mountain there and just the snow came up to the wires."

High volumes of snow have increased the height of the trail so power lines are now level with the snow. They look like fence posts sticking up through the snow along the trail.

Lewis said the snow is six to nine metres deep in some parts of the Cape Breton Highlands.

The Snowmobilers Association of Nova Scotia said Nova Scotia Power had issued a warning to stay at least four metres away from the power lines.

"There is a high-voltage power line that is level with the snow," the association wrote on its website last week.

"There is a chance of electrocution if you come in contact with this line."