A company in Hubley, N.S. plans to use federal funding to expand its business making and selling snow-melting machines.

Trecan Combustion Limited has been manufacturing and selling the machines for 30 years. The snow is loaded into a melting tank that includes a burner system, so it's turned into water.

Terry Dwyer, the company's sales manager, said it's a lot cheaper than trucking large amounts of snow away.

“It takes about six litres of diesel fuel to melt one tonne of snow, so it's very efficient to operate. Airports, municipalities, universities, hospitals, military bases are using them,” he said.

He said 40 people work at the plant. Over the years they've created 800 different snow melters of all sizes.

They've been sold all over North America, Europe and Asia.

Now a $500,000 federal loan from the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency will help pay for a new training facility and allow them to hire a few more people.

The expanded space will be used not only to make more machines, but also to train its customers on how to operate and maintain them.

“Right now they're projecting five new jobs once it's finished and I suspect that'll grow,” Dwyer said.

The new expansion should be finished in a couple of months.