A family in Waddens Cove, Cape Breton is raising concerns after it took an ambulance more than an hour to reach the house because of snow on the roads.

On Sunday morning, a 76-year-old woman on Waddens Cove Road was having trouble breathing. Waddens Cove is about 14.5 kilometres southeast of Glace Bay.

Bernie MacDonald, a relative, said the woman's son was waiting for the road to be cleared before taking her to the hospital.

When the son checked on her later, MacDonald said she wasn’t breathing. He called the ambulance but heavy snow from Saturday's storm made it impossible for the ambulance to reach the house.

It took and hour and 20 minutes for crews to plow the road for the ambulance.

"We had a lady from the community who wasn't feeling all that well. And her son told her he was going to take her to outpatients as soon as the road was plowed but she never made it that far. She passed away before the road was plowed," said MacDonald.

The provincial standard for plowing secondary roads is 24 hours after the snow ends. By Sunday night the snow from Saturday night's storm was still not plowed.

Local councillor Kevin Saccary is angry.

"The relatives and the residents in the Waddens Cove area, they're all very upset. We are upset. We're upset for them," he said.

"We're upset because provincial department of transportation has not done their job."

Saccary said in the last two years, two pieces of snow clearing equipment have been cut. He wants them back.

Geoff MacLellan, transportation minister, said he is looking into what happened and whether plowing standards in that area need to be improved.