Kelly Regan

Kelly Regan, the Liberal candidate for Bedford, got into a heated Twitter exchange and used language that Liberal Leader Stephen McNeil said was unacceptable. (CBC)

Nova Scotia Liberal Leader Stephen McNeil is warning his members to watch their language on social media after one of the party's candidates got into a heated exchange on Twitter.

It began when Pam Sullivan — the wife of Gregor Ash, the New Democratic candidate for Halifax Chebucto — posted a tweet reacting to the fact that a polling firm hired by the NDP had misidentified opposition candidates during surveys in two electoral districts.

Sullivan called the incident a "mix-up" and wrote that the error was "too obvious and traceable a mistake to be subversive."

Kelly Regan — the incumbent Liberal candidate for Bedford — fired back:

McNeil said Regan's choice of words was unacceptable and he doesn't endorse that kind of language.

"I haven't seen the conversation back and forth but I'm sure if Kelly was reflecting on it, it's probably not the most appropriate way to be responding in any form," McNeil told CBC News.

"I'll certainly be talking to her about it and quite honestly I won't just speak to Kelly, I'll speak to all of our members and candidates that you need to be careful of what you're saying and you need to be thoughtful about what you're saying."

For her part, Regan admits she should have chosen other language to express her feelings.

"If I offended anyone, I do apologize. They were typed in the heat of the moment when I was expressing my extreme disgust at the NDP's continued use of illegal tactics," she said Thursday.

Regan said McNeil called her and she assured him she'll watch her language in the future.