A snake is loose in a Halifax apartment building and the landlord is warning families to watch their "small animals and babies."

Residents of 2327 Brunswick St. received a warning letter today stating a tenant had lost a snake in building 2. The snake was referred to as a constrictor in the letter, but the company that manages the building later clarified that it is a ball python, which is nonvenomous. It's about one metre long. 

"We have called in animal control to help locate the snake, but please dial 311 on your phone for emergency animal control if you see the snake," the letter reads.

"This is NOT a poisonous snake but could cause harm to small animals and babies. Please do not leave children or pets alone until we have resolved this matter."

The management, listed as CAPREIT, said it would tell tenants when the animal is located. The letter was slipped under doors on the sixth, seventh and eighth floors.  

'Scared for my cat'

Kim Martin lives on the seventh floor.

"I'm pretty scared, actually. Scared for my cat, scared for us," she said Thursday afternoon. "Why send a letter and then tell us not to freak out? What if I had a baby?"

Martin had to leave her cat alone when she went to work. 

Valerie Rodger, a manager with the city's animal services, said they were alerted to the problem at 9:45 a.m. She said anyone who sees the snake should back off and call 311. 

She described it as a small snake, but couldn't give the size.