About 150 took part in an anti-violence vigil in memory of Ben Hare, who died in a Truro brawl last year. (CBC)

About 150 people gathered to pay tribute to Ben Hare Friday night in Truro and to draw attention to ongoing violence in the area.

A year ago the 26-year-old was involved in an early morning brawl and died.

For those who knew Hare, the anniversary of his death is even more difficult, because the person, or people responsible, have not been caught.

A week after his death, Dustan Preeper was arrested and accused of murder.

The charges were later dropped and no one has been charged since.

Josh Johnson said it's frustrating.

"It's a shame and it's sad, and it's caused a lot of problems and a lot of heartache with a lot of people."

But they also say it's an opportunity to raise awareness about the ongoing violence in their community.

Hare's friends and family handed out blue balloons, held up signs, wore t-shirts with his picture and his nickname "Laz" printed on them.

They marched through the streets of Truro to remember the person who touched so many people.

Gail Hare, Ben's mother, was moved by the crowd.

"He was a very well respected young man, he was very talented, he was very intelligent, he was very beautiful, inside and out," she said.

He was a DJ with a passion for music, loved ones said.

He was also someone who stood up for his friends, said Kirk Kinslow.

"He was there to help me, even though there wasn't anything wrong. It may have helped me become stronger," said Kinslow.

"To know that someone like that — who helped me out — is gone, it's just not the same."