Ski Martock's new lift gives beginners a boost

Skiers and snowboarders raved about the new beginner hill lift at Ski Martock this weekend. The hill installed a new magic carpet lift in the fall, that works like a conveyor belt, delivering beginners to the top of the slope with ease.

New conveyor belt lift brings skiiers to the top with ease

The "magic carpet" lift was installed over the fall of 2015. (Stephanie vanKampen, CBC News )

Skiers and snowboarders are raving about the new beginner hill lift at Ski Martock after a new magic carpet lift was installed in the fall.

The lift works like a conveyor belt, delivering beginners to the top of the slope with ease.

Seven-year-old Sam Foster is learning to ski, and said the new lift is as easy as hopping on and hopping off.

"It's cool," Foster said. "It makes my feet less tired to go on the next run."

Foster's mother, Chantal Foster said the new addition is easier on parents as well.

"You just push them up," she said. "And up they go so you don't really have to handle them as they go up. It's just really easy."

The magic carpet lift replaces the old rope tow, which had become one of the biggest challenges for people learning to ski or board, said Ski Martock's Andy MacLean.

Sunday skiers raved about the new addition to the beginner hill at Ski Martock. (Stephanie vanKampen, CBC News )

"With the rope tow, you had to have a certain grip strength," MacLean said. "And quite a bit of upper body strength, and then you had to manage what your snowboard or skis are doing below you."

Jake Wilcox, 9, noted the new lift isn't just easier, it's a matter of safety.

"It feels a lot safer," he said. "The old lift, your gloves sometimes slipped."

MacLean said most new skiers using the rope tow would fall before reaching the top of the hill. He said the new addition brings the resort in line with other major ski hills.

"They're pretty much the norm in the industry on the whole," said MacLean.

"So within the Maritimes, we're probably, with the exception of one other resort — Crabbe — up in New Brunswick, and perhaps another one in New Brunswick, we're probably the last to get one."

Ski Martock opened for the season Jan. 1.


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