Residents moved into Simpson Landing two weeks ago. Dignitaries joined them on Wednesday, marking the start of care at the facility (CBC)


The province has opened a new housing facility for mentally ill patients in the Halifax area.

Simpson Landing is made up of four one-storey buildings, linked together. It's on the grounds of the Nova Scotia Hospital, in Dartmouth.

The facility was originally expected to cost $6.7 million, and open five years ago. Its actual cost is closer $10 million.

Health Minister Dave Wilson said that's largely because the province chose to move the facility closer to Pleasant Street.

"People who are here, residents here, have a front door, have a backyard, have a street that they live on," he said.

"So there was a change in the position or location of the building, and that took some time, and of course with the demolition of the former building that was here, that increased costs significantly."

Simpson Landing houses 34 people, and can hold 40.