A new support group for those fighting mental health problems has launched across Canada, and the Halifax-based chapter is getting ready to connect people within this province. 

TSN host Michael Landsberg is spearheading the Sick Not Weak campaign, which launched its website on March 10. The focus is on building a network of friends to help people stay strong when fighting suicidal thoughts and depression.

The site includes a chat room where people can access counselling and chapters of volunteers in each province who are trying to create a community of support, both on and offline.

Kristi Little is the provincial captain for Sick Not Weak in Nova Scotia. She and her nine volunteers try to support people who reach out for help online. 

"I feel like Sick Not Weak is the mental health version of just hanging out at a pub with your friends," Little said. 

The volunteers also support each other. Little says she has depression and her new friends have helped her through the stress of starting up the new organization.  

"So I have needed people to talk to, myself, and I've reached out to my volunteers and they've reached out to me. We've already started a community," she said. 

Little says there will also be an offline component to the community as well. They're hoping to get involved with some local sports teams, and planning events like a benefit concert and outdoor activities. The group will fundraise in order to offer those events.