With three pumping stations out of commission, raw sewage is now flowing into Halifax harbour on both sides of the peninsula.  

The problematic Pier A pumping station near the corner of Barrington and Inglis Streets, and subsidiary pumping stations in Point Pleasant Park and the Atlantic School of Theology are out of commission.  

Primary sewage treatment is still functioning, though that is little more than a grate to prevent large solids from entering the harbour.  

Some businesses and passersby in the area are complaining about the noticeable odour.

The Point Pleasant Park and Atlantic School of Theology stations are currently being vacuumed out as well.  

Black Rock beach is also closed at Point Pleasant Park.

According to a news release from the city issued on Sunday, the beach was closed because of heavy rain on the weekend.

Halifax pumped raw sewage into the harbour for decades before opening a $55 million treatment plant in 2008, followed by the opening of harbour beaches to much fanfare.

The plant flooded and stopped working in 2009 and the beaches were closed again until the plant got back online in June 2010.  This latest shutdown only affects pumping stations, not the main treatment plant.