A military mother in Halifax says a shrinking park at the Shearwater airbase is putting pressure on a neighbourhood full of kids.

Pamela Van Berkel, who lives on Firefly Terrace adjacent to 12 Wing Shearwater, said a park used by dozens of children in the centre of the street is being pushed out by the construction of a new house.

Van Berkel said she hasn't been able to find out how much green space will be left when the construction stops.

"It could be possibly completely lost. There's no guarantee it's coming back in any form," she told CBC News.

Van Berkel said the neighbourhood park is important because the nearest alternative is about a kilometre away, too far for her four children to reach on their own.

"It's devastating. There will be nowhere to play," she said.

"Given that this loop is sort of isolated the way they've configured it, it's not safe and a lot of the base as you can see, there's no sidewalk. So there's no place for them to safely actually get there without walking on the road as well."

The Canadian Forces Housing Agency is responsible for the construction.

A spokesman for Maritime Forces Atlantic told CBC News he would make a comment later on Friday.

Van Berkel said having safe recreation nearby is vital during long stints as a single parent.

"To get your kids to activities is difficult if you're doing it grinding by yourself for six months day in and day out while your husband's away," she said.

"We don't feel very supported right now. We've been promised numerous times when our husbands are away that the military will take care of us and they'll look out for us and our families are important. But to take parks away from our children, that's pretty low."