The Halifax-based theatre group Shakespeare by the Sea has launched a crowdfunding campaign so they can keep performing after their building was damaged in a fire last week.

The exterior and attic of the group's one-storey building in Point Pleasant Park was damaged on Sunday. Performances for the group's season are still scheduled to begin July 1.

Due to the extensive water and smoke damage in their headquarters, Shakespeare by the Sea has turned to an online fundraising site to raise $20,000. They have a produced a video to encourage supporters to donate.

Jesse MacLean, the co-artistic director with Shakespeare by the Sea, said it will be a challenge.

"At the moment we don't know what insurance will or might not cover. We do know that we're going to face a potential loss of revenue if we don't get back in the building," he said.

"As a not-for-profit theatre company, we have to budget very tightly."

Shakespeare by the Sea has insurance on everything inside the building, but with rehearsals ongoing MacLean said there was no time to wait for adjusters to work out the claim and the fundraiser was started.

Support is also coming from others in the theatre community. Neptune Theatre on Argyle Street has offered rehearsal space for free.

Halifax Regional Police say the fire is suspicious and the investigation continues. The fire call came in overnight on Sunday and two other spot fires were discovered along Point Pleasant Park Drive at the same time.