Seniors who had planned to move into an affordable housing complex in Windsor, N.S. at the first of the month are frustrated construction delays have temporarily left them without a place to live.

The delay has inconvenienced several people including 82-year-old Frances Devlin.

She moved out of her Hants County home on Oct. 31 and was planning  to move into one of 30 seniors’ apartments being redeveloped on the former site of the Windsor Elms nursing home.

But earlier this week the developer called to say the mixed-housing building wasn’t ready.

“We’re sort of in a no man’s land of not being able to move in because of these problems they haven't gotten completely sorted out yet,” said Devlin.

Premium Properties iis behind the Windsor Heights development.

Blaise Greenwood, a partner with the Dartmouth-based company,  said delays are the result of changes made to the electrical system. He also said they still need to meet the fire marshal's standards.

“There [are] two floors in the hallways that have to have the fire detection completed and that’s a matter of days away to their satisfaction,” he said.

Meanwhile, furniture belonging to Devlin and others is being stored in a neighbouring building.

Devlin is staying with a daughter who took time off to help with the move.

“I’m pretty frustrated. It’s disconcerting to think you are going to move by a certain date and then all of a sudden it blows up in your face,” she said.

Devlin had made arrangements for phone and cable to be installed on Monday.

The developer said he expects to have an occupancy permit  in a week or two. Then seniors will be able to move into  their brand new apartments.