The people of Scots Bay, N.S., are trying to figure out what to do about their wharf after a big chunk of it was destroyed last month by Post-tropical storm Arthur.

Jerry Huntley is the unofficial spokesman for people concerned about the wharf. He estimates it would cost $2 million to rebuild.

The wharf has a lot of significance for the community.

Jerry Huntley

Jerry Huntley estimates it would cost $2 million to rebuild the wharf. (CBC)

“There's been a wharf in this particular cove...probably since 1937 and it's been a home port to lots of commercial boats over the years and all the recreational fishermen. This cove used to be full of boats at one time,” said Huntley.

Mark Johnson is visiting from Boston, but says his family settled in Scots Bay in the late 1700s. He remembers coming to the wharf as a child and seeing 10 to 12 commercial fishermen hard at work.

“For me, it’s just heritage, there’s a fishing heritage that’s second to none,” he said.

There will be a meeting held Wednesday night at the Scots Bay Community Hall to find out if there’s enough interest to get a non-profit committee started to take over the wharf.

Fisheries and Oceans Canada will be back in the community next month to outline the steps for transferring ownership from the federal government to a community group.