Scotia Square parkade jam worries Halifax business

A Halifax business is worried about a recurring parking lot traffic jam at the Scotia Square parade.

Health First Chiropractic worries clients won't be able to get out before their vouchers expire

Sabrina Spurr says the Scotia Square parkade traffic jams mean people are literally getting stuck in the lot. (CBC)

A Halifax business is worried about recurring rush hour parking lot traffic jams at the Scotia Square parkade.

"You literally get trapped in the parkade," said Sabrina Spurr, with Health First Chiropractic.

The practice gives out two-hour parking vouchers for patients to park in the parkade, but Spurr is concerned that patients won't be able to get out before the limit is up.

"We're concerned that it's going to end up costing our patients and other people, personnel, whatever, more money," she said.

The parkade has more than 1,700 parking spaces.

On Wednesday at around 5 p.m., hundreds of cars slowly exited the parkade on to Albemarle Street. Kelly Hudson was one of the drivers caught in the jam. It took her an hour and a half to get out. She said she noticed the traffic problems getting bad last week.

The Halifax Regional Municipality said it was a perfect storm for traffic on Wednesday because of the rush hour and higher traffic volumes from the back-to-school crowd, plus construction work and two traffic light outages on Barrington Street.

There is some good news. North Park Street — which is currently closed for construction — will reopen to traffic beginning Sunday.

Crombie REIT, which owns the parkade, did not respond to requests for an interview with CBC News.