Mom Alana Hart feels Keyonna isn't ready yet to give herself an insulin injection. (CBC)

A Nova Scotia woman is still looking for a way to ensure her eight-year-old daughter gets her insulin injection while at school.

Keyonna Hart was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in October. She needs four injections a day, including one at lunch time.

But no one at her Glace Bay elementary school is allowed to give her a shot.

Mom Alana Hart drives to the school on her lunch break, but there's no backup plan if she cannot get away from her job at a nursing home.

"I know there's going to be times when I cannot leave work. It's just a busy time at work and things are going to come up," Hart told CBC News.

Hart said she recently received an email from Education Minister Ramona Jennex stating that the local school board and health authority were working on a plan. 

No solution was forthcoming, however.

Lynn Gilbert, a spokeswoman for the Cape Breton District Health Authority, said they suggested some options to the school board, but she wouldn't reveal what they were.

Ambrose White, superintendent of the Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board, said there's not much the board can do. 

'We cannot do it for liability reasons.' — Ambrose White, superintendent

"We are not injecting any students," he said. "Our legal people told us that we cannot do it for liability reasons."

White said one possibility would be to bring in a nurse, but that would cost the school board money.

Ultimately, the girl's health is the responsibility of her parents, he said.

Alana Hart said Keyonna can't inject herself at this point. She continues to look for options, though she feels the school could be doing more.

Keyonna's grandmother was helping with the injections for a while. But she has a job now and cannot get to the school during the lunch period.

A woman in the community offered to help after hearing about the girl's plight. Hart turned down the offer, saying she didn't feel comfortable with a stranger giving her daughter an injection.