Dartmouth MP Mike Savage says he will not run for the leadership of the Nova Scotia Liberal Party.

The representative for Dartmouth-Cole Harbour announced his decision Tuesday.

In a brief statement, Savage said he felt a responsibility to consider running for the leadership in light of the many e-mails and phone calls he received from supporters.

But in the end, he said he loved being a member of Parliament and serving his constituents.

"The Liberal Party of Canada is in the process of significant renewal under the leadership of Stéphane Dion," Savage said. "I want to be part of that renewal."

Savage, who is the son of former premier John Savage, also said he would do whatever he could to support the next leader of the provincial Liberals.

Only Mike Smith,mayor of Colchester County, has declared his intention to run for the leadership of the third-party Liberals.

The list of possible contenders include interim leader Michel Samson, Annapolis MLA Stephen McNeil andHalifax-Clayton Park MLA Diana Whalen.

Samson, MLA forRichmond,took over as temporary leader last June, after Francis MacKenzie resigned shortly after the provincial election.

MacKenzie, who had been leading from the sidelines since 2004,failed toget elected in Bedfordandsaw the party drop from 10 to nine seats.

Delegates will meet in Dartmouth in April to choose a leader.