By the end of September, universities in the province will be required to disclose the salary of anyone who earns more than $100,000 a year.

The Nova Scotia government hopes this will improve accountability at a time when budgets are being chopped. Some other provinces already disclose this kind of information.

So let's start with university presidents. CBC News asked all 11 universities for the salary, not including benefits, for 2011-12, as well as the percentage increase over last year.

The results are in the table below. The order is by size of school based on enrolment.

Dalhousie - Tom Traves 


No increase over last year.

Note: Salary in 2009 was $356,787 

15,279 full-time students
Saint Mary's - Colin Dodds


2.5% increase this year

Note: Salary in 2009 was $212,800 

6,319 full-time students
St. Francis Xavier - Sean Riley


Decrease from $305,360 (including bonus) in 2010

(Data obtained through FOI request)

4,166 full-time students
Acadia - Ray Ivany


No increase over last year

3,476 full-time students
Cape Breton - John Harker


1% increase over last year

Note: Salary in 2009 was $233,215 

2,658 full-time students
Mount Saint Vincent - Ramona Lumpkin


Salary difference not disclosed

Note: Salary in 2009 was $69,423
2,366 full-time students
King's College - Anne Leavitt


New president, but same salary as last year's president

1,159 full-time students (as of Jan. 17)
Nova Scotia Agricultural College - Leslie MacLaren and Bernie MacDonald (acting co-presidents)

MacLaren: $131,000 (includes benefits)

MacDonald: $129,000 (includes benefits)

994 full-time students (as of Jan. 17)

NSCAD - David B. Smith


Salary difference not disclosed

Note: Salary in 2009 was $168,131

821 full-time students
Sainte-Anne - Allister Surette


First year as president. Salary difference from last year not disclosed

Note: Salary in 2009 was $150,000

387 full-time students
Atlantic School of Theology - Eric Beresford


3.9% increase over last year

57 full-time students

Note: Enrolment numbers are preliminary figures as of October 2011, from the Association of Atlantic Universities, except where noted.