Donna Hopkinson is upset about parking fees to implemented at Saint Vincent's Nursing Home in Halifax this fall. (Yvonne Colbert/CBC)

Some families say they worry imminent parking fees at Saint Vincent's Nursing Home in Halifax will prevent people from visiting their loved ones.

Donna Hopkinson says she makes the trek from her home in Brookside to visit her 93-year-old mother every day, visiting for up to four hours.

"I'm a senior visiting a senior. I'm retired. It's going to be an added expense," she said.

"Whether it is a weekly, daily hourly bill or an expense of a monthly payment it's all going to add up and over time, in a year, that's going to be a lot of money."

Hopkinson is not alone.

Linda Slaunwhite travels from Terence Bay three to four times a week to see her 82-year-old mother. 

She said many people don't even know about the planned fees this fall. There's been no notice to residents or families.

"It was very secretive. We only found out about it through overhearing staff talk about it," said Slaunwhite.

Fees to support programs and services.

Hopkinson said the unwelcomed charges will also affect staff members.

She said employees told her they won't be able to afford to pay for parking and will have to find other work.

The women said they’ve been told the new fees will be discussed at the annual general meeting next week, but no agenda item is listed.

Saint Vincent's executive director Kristin Schmitz said there's been no decision on how much the charge will be. She said they don't want to create hardship for families and any fees will be reasonable.

The nursing home said the money will be put back into resident programs and services.