A former premier of Nova Scotia is threatening to quit the federal Conservative Party over changes to the rural mail delivery system near Amherst.

Roger Bacon says a shift towards community mailboxes instead of home delivery on rural routes is both expensive and dangerous for senior citizens who will now have to drive to a central location to get their mail.

"Now, is it better to have seven mail drivers who are expert drivers and have done it for years ... or is it better to have 500 senior citizens going down an icy road? Where is the safety in it?"

He says if he is not successful in convincing Canada Post to change its policy over the next few months, he'll cancel his membership in the national conservative party.

"I don't know that I could support a government that would allow a crown corporation under their jurisdiction to go around and harass people. I don't know if I could support that," Bacon said.

For now, Bacon has set up bales of hay on his land, blocking one route to the community box. The change to community boxes is part of a Canada Post national program. The Corporation says it enhances safety for rural route drivers.