A public meeting on the Halifax Regional Municipality's plan to build roundabouts at two intersections along the Halifax Common drew more than 130 people on Wednesday night.

The Halifax Regional Municipality's Traffic Services division wants to replace traffic lights with roundabouts at two intersections on North Park Street — one at Rainnie Drive, Ahern Avenue, North Park, Cogswell and Trollope streets, and the other at North Park, Cunard and Agricola streets.

"There's been over 90 collisions in the last six years at the Cogswell/North Park," said Tanya Davis, a Traffic Services supervisor with the city.

"There's been over 30 at the North Park/Cunard."

Traffic experts argued roundabouts would reduce speeds and make it safer for cyclists and pedestrians because the traffic flows in only one direction.

The Halifax Regional Municipality's plan would also reduce the number of lanes from six to two, and city officials said there would then be room to add green space and designated bike lanes on North Park Street or the Halifax Common.


This intersection at Rainnie Drive, Ahern Avenue, North Park, Cogswell and Trollope streets could be turned into a roundabout. (CBC)

"I'm well used to the roundabout, I've lived all around the world and I'm quite used to the roundabout systems," said Rod Gillis.

"I love them. It's safer for everyone involved so the fact that Halifax is exploring more, I think it's fantastic."

Jude Williams, a cyclist, said North Park Street has its challenges.

"It's very scary as it is right now and I sometimes jump up on the sidewalk, which is illegal as well," she said Wednesday night.

"I'm sure a lot of cyclists would really appreciate it if there was a bike lane included."

Halifax regional council will now make the final decision. If the project is approved, construction will begin in 2014.