Roofers struggle to replace shingles after rough winter

After a series of harsh storms this winter, professional roofers say there is now a two week wait for homeowners who are in need of repairs.

Homeowners have a two week wait to get roofs fixed

Tammy Savoie's backyard in Lower Sackville is covered in shingles that have fallen off her roof this winter. (CBC)

After a series of harsh storms this winter, professional roofers say there is now a two week wait for homeowners if they have a leak that needs to be repaired.

They say the old style of roof shingles are too light for the weather that has hit the Maritimes this year.

"The winds and the rain coupled together have turned it into horizontal rain that we can't do anything about,” said Grant Cadeau, a roofer with Classic Roofers and Siding in Halifax. “It's getting in areas that we've never seen it get into before and there are leaks that have come up that people have never had any indication of inside the home."

Roofers say with old style shingles, wind can easily gets underneath the tabs causing damage.

The older style of shingles are so light that wind lifts them up by the corners tearing them off roofs. (CBC)

Newer asphalt shingles are heavier and thicker with a single tab that is more resistant to wind.

Tammy Savoie, a homeowner in Lower Sackville, said she didn’t realize the problem she had on her roof until the snow melted in her yard revealing shingles everywhere.

"I was devastated,” she said. “That's how I found out."

Savoie said the water hasn't leaked into her house, but she worries it's getting closer with every rainfall.