Police tackle string of kidnappings and robberies in Hammonds Plains

In two of the cases witnesses and family members aren't cooperating with the police investigation.

Officers called to multiple crimes in the space of an hour, but none of the residents are talking to them

Police are reaching out to the public to try and get more information on two kidnapping and robbery cases in the Hammonds Plains area. (Daniel McHardie/CBC)

The RCMP are trying to figure out a string of crimes that include kidnappings and robberies in the Hammonds Plains area of Halifax Wednesday night. 

Police believe each of the cases are connected, but aren't saying why. 

It started when police were called about a kidnapping and a stolen vehicle at a home on Pockwock Road on Wednesday around 10 p.m. 

When they arrived, there were no witnesses and police said the family at the home chose not to cooperate with them.

A short a time later, police got another call about an injured man covered in blood walking along White Hills Run, not far from Pockwock Road. But the injured man was gone before police could could get to him.

RCMP think somebody had already taken the man to hospital. Officers don't know the extent of the man's injuries.

The RCMP would not provide any further details on the injured man's connections to the kidnapping and robbery.  

Second kidnapping and robbery

Around 11 p.m. police were called to another robbery and kidnapping at a home on Lucasville Road. 

RCMP said the caller described the victims as being tied up and robbed. Police did not say what was stolen from the home.

Once again, the suspects left the scene before police could get there.

The victims, who police say are the owners of the home, were located nearby. They would not say if they were the people who had been kidnapped or simply left their home of their own accord.

As with the earlier kidnapping, the family did not want to cooperate with police. 

The home on Lucasville Road was secured Wednesday night and Thursday to allow police to investigate.

Police are looking for help in solving these crimes. Anyone with information about what happened in any of the three locations can call Halifax District RCMP or Halifax Regional Police.