Construction workers say thieves broke into 10 houses this weekend at a new development in Halifax, stealing tools and furniture.

Workers arrived to the site in Governor's Brook off Herring Cove Road on Monday morning to find tools kept under lock and key had been stolen.

"It's somebody that probably knows what we're doing here. I know it's not kids. Kids will just steal wires for scrap for quick money. They went to all the places that had tools in them," said Yvon Hache, the project manager for Picket Fence Homes.

"The door was also busted in. Someone kicked it and that's how they got in."

Yvon Hache

Yvon Hache discovered the break-ins on Monday. (CBC)

Hache investigated and found 10 homes broken into over the weekend. One was a furnished model home, where furniture was missing. He said all the units were locked. 

Richard Bellefontaine lost his tools. He said he's out of work until he can replace them, which will cost him about $3,000.

"They took two light compressors, three spikers, a couple of skill saws, my boots. They left my nail bag, but that's all," he said.

Halifax Regional Police are investigating.

Ongoing problem

Dale Bellefontaine, another worker, said he thinks the robbers watched them ahead of time. 
"They spotted out the area and they checked it out. I'm sure it was spotted out, I'm sure they know what's going on around here," he said. 

The robbers took a coffee table, end table and dining set from the model home. 

The workers suspect the robbers will try to sell their gear and asked people to keep an eye out. 

The Nova Scotia Home Builders Association said construction site thefts have been an ongoing problem for years.

On average, the association said thieves take upwards of $1,500 worth of property. That excludes the damage caused in the break-ins.