Ricky Hillier

Ricky Hillier is thankful his dune buggy has been returned. It was stolen from outside his apartment building more than a month ago. (CBC)

A Bedford man who uses a wheelchair is thankful that his prized dune buggy has been returned more than a month after it was stolen from outside his apartment building.

Halifax Regional Police said Saturday that the dune buggy was found in a wooded area near Harrietsfield.

Hillier says the ignition had been pulled out, but he hopes it will be repaired soon.

The red Hammerhead 250 was a gift from his brother and was specially modified so Hillier, who was born with spina bifida, could drive it.

"Getting it back made me feel happier because it was a gift," Hiller said Sunday. "It was a gift from my older brother and I also like the dune buggy because it lets me go drive out on the beach and have a little bit of fun."

The dune buggy had been stored in a utility trailer outside of Hillier’s apartment on Larry Uteck Boulevard. The trailer, with the dune buggy in it, was stolen sometime after midnight on Oct. 23.