'Revenge' motivates Yarmouth sex offender, court hears

The dangerous offender hearing for a man who admitted to kidnapping and sexually assaulting two women appears to be winding down.

Doctor says Gordon Frank Nickerson, 36, at risk to reoffend

A man who admitted to kidnapping and sexually assaulting two women is at a moderate to high risk of reoffending sexually, his dangerous offender hearing heard on Wednesday.

Gordon Frank Nickerson, 36, admitted to abducting a woman and her daughter from their home in Wedgeport on Feb. 29. He drove them to New Minas, where they escaped just before he crashed the stolen car.

Last year, he pleaded guilty to all 12 charges against him.

The Crown requested a dangerous offender assessment against Nickerson. On Wednesday, the forensic psychiatrist who conducted that assessment testified at the hearing.

Dr. Scott Theriault said Nickerson is at a moderate to high risk to reoffend sexually.

"He's not the highest risk to reoffend, but nor is he the lowest risk," Theriault said outside court. "If you think about it on a curve, he's at the higher end of the curve."

Theriault said Nickerson's case is unusual, because he appears to be motivated by a desire to hurt and humiliate his victims after an intimate relationship collapses.

"Revenge. Retribution. Retaliation. All of those things would fit," said Theriault.

History of sexual assault

In 2005, when Nickerson was living in British Columbia, he kidnapped a former girlfriend at gunpoint after their relationship ended.

He tried to kidnap her mother as well, but the older woman managed to escape. Nickerson sexually assaulted his victim in that case and was sentenced to five years.

Theriault said these factors make Nickerson's case more complicated than those of other sex offenders.

"If you think about somebody that exposes themselves repetitively, that's a fairly typical example of somebody who's driven largely by their sexual desire," Theriault said.

"His seems to be more complicated in that it's tied up in the context of an intimate relationship that goes bad and then that manifests itself in certain ways one of which is through sexual violence."

The Crown wants Nickerson imprisoned indefinitely.

His lawyer said Nickerson knows he's going to prison for a long time, but he argues it should not be an indefinite sentence.

The dangerous offender hearing is expected to resume towards the end of October.