Residents worry collapsing fish plant may harm harbour

Residents in Louisbourg, N.S. say they are worried the crumbling SNE Sea Products plant is leaking asbestos into the harbour.
The SNE Sea Products fish plant in Louisbourg. (Joan Weeks/CBC)

Residents in Louisbourg, N.S., say they are worried a crumbling fish plant is leaking asbestos into the harbour.

SNE Sea Products has been shut down for several years, but now a large section over a wharf has collapsed and another section is open to the elements

Lloydette MacDonald, manager of the Louisbourg Harbour Authority, said she has a few simple questions about the fish plant.

"What exactly is going into the harbour? What exactly does the building contain?," said MacDonald.

She said residents want to know if asbestos is being released into the community.

"I mean the community doesn't know that. What exactly is the building made of? Is there something we should be concerned of as a community?"

Coun. Kevin Saccary said he has been getting complaints about the fish plant.

Saccary said besides people complaining about the structure being an eyesore,  he's heard concerns about asbestos and debris floating in the water.

"We are requesting that the provincial department of environment do an investigation as to whether or not there is asbestos or any other materials that might be dangerous to the public," he said.

The plant owes the Cape Breton Regional Municipality more than $200,000 in taxes and has been up for tax sale for over a year.

So far, there have been no bidders.