A 12-year old girl from Ballantyne's Cove in Nova Scotia's Antigonish County may have become the youngest girl in the world to bring in a really big bluefin tuna.

bluefin tuna record

Jenna Gavin being congratulated by Ken Fraser, who set the record for the largest bluefin back in 1979 that weighed 679 kg. Fraser had been chartering another boat out of the same marina and just happened to be at the dock when Jenna arrived with her fish. (Photo by Russel Kleppinger)

Earlier this week, Jenna Gavin reeled in a 280-kilogram bluefin tuna — smashing the previous record of 195 kilograms held by a girl in France.

Gavin made the record-setting catch on her family's charter boat this week after an intense two-hour fight with the behemoth.

"It felt kind of cool that you could feel his every move. When he flipped his tail, you could feel his little tail jerks. when his head moved side to side, you could feel it," she said.

Before this, a trout had been her largest previous catch.

Her parents were unable to assist her while she played the fish or it wouldn't count for the record book.

"It was neat adventure for the two of us and it was definitely a challenge for her and it was a challenge for me to basically just urge her on," says Jenna's mother Chandra.

Not only did the bluefin on the line outweigh Jenna by more than 225 kilograms, she also has a whale of a tale to tell.

"When I was in the middle of fighting it, a whale came extremely close to the line and it hit it when [the whale] went up out of the water and it bumped the line. That was a big jolt and it really hurt and he put me up and then he put me down," she says.

Jenna's still a little sore but says it was an experience that has hooked her on tuna fishing.

"It was so amazing. I loved it."