An ATV rider in Cape Breton is calling on the province to increase its enforcement of off-highway vehicles after a slew of crashes involving all-terrain vehicles this winter.

Kevin Orrell, a local orthopedic surgeon, says there has been a rash of ATV accidents on the island this winter causing a number of broken legs and hips.

"We've had a number of these turn over and people are caught underneath them or thrown off them and they've had major fractures of the femur bone and the hip bone as well," he said. 

A couple of weeks ago a man died in an ATV crash near D'Escousse. 

Laurie Cranton is an ATV user in Margaree. He says snow and ice are only part of what leads to crashes in the winter. Often, he says, alcohol and speeding are the culprits.

“I'm not saying every snowmobiler or ATVer does that, that's definitely not the case.” But he says, “It’s when you take on those risks, that's when those injuries happen."

The province currently provides off-highway patrolling but Cranton says it's been reduced year by year. He says if the province put more emphasis on enforcement, fewer people would engage in such reckless behaviours.