RCMP investigate possible arson in Annapolis Valley

Police and fire officials in New Minas, N.S., are investigating a series of suspicious fires.

Police and fire officials in New Minas, N.S.,are investigating a series of suspicious fires.

The Mounties arelooking intoeight fires in five different locations around the Annapolis Valley Sunday night.

RCMP Const. Les Kakonyi, with the King's County RCMP office, said they are treating the blazes as the work of one or more arsonists.

"Generally speaking, the suspects seem to be following the same MO [modus operandi], in the fact that they're using or setting these fires in Dumpsters and garbage cans and that sort of thing," Kakonyi said Monday.

New Minas fire Chief James Redmond said the incidents resemble a string of fires set in the area last fall.

"I assume it's the same group or groups that started these last year," Redmond said.

On Sunday, firefighters first put out fires in three garbage cans in Lockhart-Ryan Memorial Park. A short time later, two Dumpsters behind the Baptist church on Commercial Street were set ablaze.

A third call was to another Dumpster fire behind Cornwallis Motors, a fourth to a Dumpster behind Empire Theatres, and the final call was to a wooded areabehind a video shop around 4 a.m.

There was property damage, Redmond said, but no one was hurt.

The Mounties are asking members of the public to call police or to contact Crime Stoppers if they see anything suspicious.

With files from the Canadian Press