A fisherman in southwest Nova Scotia is offering up his catch of a lifetime to bidders online.

Bobby Stoddard of Barrington was fishing about 11 kilometres southwest of Clarks Harbour on Cape Sable Island when he discovered an electric-blue lobster in his trap in May.

"There was three or four other lobsters in the trap when it came up," he said. Stoddard said his co-worker noticed a 'pretty one' among the group. "He turned around and held it up, and I was pretty surprised."

Stoddard couldn't believe the intensity of the blue on the lobster's shell.

"Even overtop his eyes and underneath, he's just really blue."


The blue lobster is now for sale online. (Bobby Stoddard)

Only one in two million lobsters is blue, according to a report by the University of Maine. The report said the bright color is caused by a genetic defect.

"My dad caught one about 40 years ago, and he said that's the only one he's ever seen," said Stoddard.

The crustacean is now living in a tank as Stoddard searches for a new home.

"He's still pretty lively."

Stoddard offered the lobster to the Bedford Institute of Oceanography, but was turned down.

He's now posted the blue guy on Kijiji.

"I just put it on there for sort of for a joke, thought maybe someone would be interested in having it or maybe a restaurant or something for a display piece or whatever."

Stoddard's only condition – that the lobster doesn't end up on a dinner plate. He said he'll release the rare crustacean back into the Atlantic before he lets that happen.