Nova Scotia is bracing for another heavy rainstorm tonight. 

Up to 40 millimetres of rain is forecast to fall on the province as a storm heads in from the Bay of Fundy. Environment Canada's has issued rainfall warnings along the southern and central regions of Nova Scotia. 

Specific warning are in place for:

  • Halifax Metro and Halifax County West.
  • Hants County.
  • Lunenburg County.
  • Colchester County area.
  • Kings County.
  • Annapolis County.
  • Queens County.
  • Digby County.
  • Shelburne County.
  • Yarmouth County.

The hardest hit parts of the province — the southern and western regions — are expected to receive between 30 and 45 millimetres of rain.

Eastern Nova Scotia and Cape Breton, already seeing significant flooding in some areas, should expect 20 millimetres. Environment Canada is not warning about high winds.

Taking the roof off in winter

All of the recent wild weather has made roofers very busy. John Auld of Central Roofing has had crews crawling over the tops of Halifax homes and buildings repairing damage from the last storm.

The superintendent of an apartment building in Fairview called him Tuesday morning after she noticed hundreds of asphalt shingles missing after the weekend windstorm.

"It has blown off the old stuff and the new stuff and we even tarred them down with tubes of tar. We've seen the winds coming in directions that we haven't seen before," he said. 

"I've heard reports of barbecues missing off people's decks. There's a lot of damage all over this city and we've been at it about ten houses a day, if not more."

Auld said homeowners shouldn't wait until spring to fix their roofs.

"That's up to you. But if you want to, [you'll have to] replace drywall and your floors and any of your furniture that might get wet," he said.

He's hoping to fix as many roofs as possible before the next storm blows in.