Doctors Nova Scotia says the situation is escalating out of proportion. (CBC)

Over two dozen radiologists accused of unethically billing Nova Scotians for a type of CAT scan are asking the province to withdraw a complaint lodged with their disciplinary body.

Kevin McNamara, the province’s deputy minister of health, filed the complaint with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Nova Scotia to follow up on an audit by Medical Services Insurance, also known as MSI.

At issue are fees paid for a procedure called a 3D CT reconstruction. McNamara’s complaint alleges 27 radiologists overbilled for the procedure at their practices.

In an email to CBC News, Dr. James Clarke, president of Nova Scotia Association of Radiologists, said the description of the billing code is unclear and is a question of interpretation.


Dr. James Clarke, president of the Nova Scotia Association of Radiologists. (Courtesy)


Clarke said they are working with Doctors Nova Scotia to sort out their dispute with the Health Department.

In his email he accuses the department of taking a "disproportionate step" by reporting the radiologists to the regulator before consulting them.

Doctors Nova Scotia says the 27 radiologists accused of unethical billing are seeking legal advice.

Meanwhile the Health Department remains tight-lipped on how much money is in question.

According to Medavie Blue Cross each 3D CAT scan should be billed for $28 dollars.

The case is under review by the College of Physicians and Surgeons.