Police say a Troxler density gauge, similar to this one, was stolen in Cape Breton. (groundtest.co.nz)

Cape Breton Regional Police are warning people about possible radiation exposure from a stolen piece of equipment known as a Troxler density gauge.

A man had the density gauge on the back of his truck and contacted police when he noticed it missing. It's believed the gauge was taken sometime during the overnight hours of Nov. 11.

The gauge is a device that uses a nuclear source to measure soil and asphalt density. Because the piece of equipment contains radioactive material, Cape Breton Regional Police believe it could pose a risk of radiation exposure if it's tampered with.

The yellow gauge, which is described as about 60 centimetres long with an L-shaped handle, is equipped with a padlock.

The body of the gauge is about 25 square centimetres and has the model number 3440 and serial number 24470, located on the end of the handle and the base of the gauge.

Cape Breton Regional Police say if the object is found, it should not be handled and they're asking people to call them or the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission.