The operator of a Cape Breton military museum is frustrated with repeated acts of vandalism.

Fort Petrie is situated along the Sydney Harbour. It was used during both world wars as an observation post to spot U-boats, complete with gun placements and searchlights.  


Grezel said the police are doing extra patrols of the area — but no one has been arrested. (CBC)

Rob Grezel, who looks after the military museum, has been busy painting this week, trying to cover up three nights' worth of graffiti.     

"The first time I saw it, I was pretty disgusted and disturbed — that was on July 31 when we had our first incident — but it got progressively worse from that day forward," he said.

All sides of the fort’s tower were repeatedly spray painted over several days.

Grezel said he's had to repaint part of the fort to cover up the racial slurs left by vandals.   

His parents were among those who started the historical society that oversees the fort and its museum.

He said it's heart-wrenching to see such hateful words at anytime, but it’s especially difficult to see on this structure.

"All the work and time and effort that goes into it and you put your heart into it and to see that happen and to have that happen is — it's disgusting, it truly is. It's an insult to our veterans and it's disturbing," he said.

Tourists visiting Fort Petrie from Ontario were surprised by the graffiti.

"Makes you think that they don't respect their own past and their own history, it’s kinda disrespectful," said William Stevenson.

"I thought it was inappropriate for people to be doing that because this is part of our history and we should be respecting it, not making a mess of it," said Leah Stevenson.

Grezel said the police are doing extra patrols of the area — but no one has been arrested.

He hopes it's the last he'll see of such disturbing graffiti.