Halifax woman showcases collection of hundreds of bunnies for Easter

Heather Colquhoun has been collecting stuffed rabbits for decades and once a year she sets them up on the lawn of her home in Halifax's south end.

Heather Colquhoun says she has about 500 stuffed rabbits and she displays many on her lawn once a year

Heather Colquhoun says she's never met a rabbit she didn't want to take home - as long as they're stuffed.

For one day a year, her neighbours get a peek at the hundreds of toy rabbits in her collection when she displays them on the lawn of her Halifax home.

"I've got so many adorable rabbits, I would just like everyone else to enjoy them," she says. 

Two Easters ago she counted 366 rabbits. Now she expects there's about 500.

She jokes by this point she's know as the "crazy bunny lady of Oakland Road."

Sunday afternoon, people driving by stopped to explore the display while Colquhoun handed out chocolate eggs. 

"It's just so random and cheerful, it's hard not to stop," said Maria Patriquin, who dropped by with her young daughter.

Heather Colquhoun estimates she has 500 stuffed rabbits, collected over the past three decades. (Elizabeth McMillan/CBC)

But Colquhoun's rabbits aren't just for Easter.

During the year, they are displayed throughout her home — on spare beds, shelves, and tables. 

"I can make a rabbit go to any season, you can see Valentine's rabbits, Christmas rabbits," she says with a smile, adjusting a stuffed carrot plant that flopped from her front step.

Colquhoun started collecting rabbits about three decades ago when her children brought home a pet rabbit. Before long she had a bunny mug, which multiplied to be a cabinet full of rabbit mugs.

There are now rabbit baskets, rocking rabbits, china rabbits, rabbit banks and rabbit-themed jewelry, clothes, even rabbit dishes.

Patients at the dental office where she works know her as "Bunny" and drop by with gifts. 

Colquhoun says her collection features rabbits from around the world and many come with stories or are connected to friends. 

"Because everyone knows I love rabbits, they buy me rabbits. They see one and they think about me and they sometimes give them to me."

Taking them out took hours, and she prepared an early Easter dinner in anticipation of the work required to take them in and out on Sunday.

The rabbits won't be on display for long though, as Colquhoun says she'll start bringing them back inside Sunday night.


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