Residents of a Halifax community turned out Monday evening to oppose an expansion of city water services.

Dozens of people attended a public meeting on plans to install water and sewer in Purcells Cove. Many who spoke cited cost as the overriding factor for opposing the plan.

Wayne Hollet said adding the services would be beyond his financial means and the possibility he would have to pay was disturbing him.

"When I say sleepless [I mean] up all night, because I do not need water or sewer," he said.

He is retired and cares for his bedridden wife. What little extra money he has goes to her, he said.

"I can't afford a van. I have to carry her and I am no spring chicken, as you can see," he said. "It means total bankruptcy. I'll have to sell my place and then move out eventually."

The public meeting heard plenty of similar opposition. An extension could cost residents tens of thousands of dollars each in hook-up fees.

Other residents have opposed the move on the grounds it would be bad for the local environment.

Developer wants water and sewer

Mike Hanusiak of Clayton Development attended the meeting. His company plans to turn wilderness areas in Purcells Cove into new housing. That development would require water and sewer.

"We are part of the process. We respect that process, regardless of how long it takes," he said.

The committee looking at the services expansion will meet again in the coming weeks. 

Halifax regional council approved a feasibility study for sewer and water lines along Purcells Cove Road based on surveys done six years ago. At the time, there was some interest from homeowners who were worried about ongoing well problems.