Residents who live along Purcells Cove Road in Halifax are fighting the city's plans to bring water and sewer lines in their area.

Mike Coughlan, who lives on the road, said concerned citizens are sending a petition to City Hall on Tuesday and they're hoping to make it an election issue for the upcoming municipal election on Oct. 20.

"This should be a concern to anybody who enjoys the use of these areas for hiking, biking, canoeing, fishing, swimming," he told CBC News.

"All of those things become threatened."

Coughlan helped circulate the petition through the upper portion of Purcells Cove Road, where he said 63 per cent of the neighbourhood indicated they don't want water and sewer services.

Earlier in the summer, other homeowners in the lower section of the road were petitioned and Coughlan said 80 per cent of those surveyed didn't want the services, either.

"If you look at both areas combined, you've got 71 per cent of the people who've indicated an opposition to this sewer and water extension," he said.

Coughlan said residents are worried about the costs but also have other concerns.


Residents along two areas of Purcells Cove Road were surveyed regarding water and sewer services. (CBC)

"There's a broader implication here. The extension of sewer and water opens huge areas of the backlands behind Purcells Cove and Williams Lake to development, not to mention the extensive wetlands back there," he said.

"The implications for traffic flowing through the Armdale Roundabout, we're talking potentially thousands of people over the course of several years moving into this area. There's no infrastructure to handle that."

Halifax regional council approved a feasibility study for sewer and water lines along Purcells Cove Road based on surveys done six years ago. At the time, there was some interest from homeowners who were worried about ongoing well problems.

The issue will be front and centre on Friday during a debate for all municipal candidates in Districts 9 and 11, which include Purcells Cove Road and Williams Lake.