Purcells Cove

Purcells Cove resident Catherine McKinnon is pleased city council decided not to bring water and sewer extensions to the area.

Purcells Cove residents have won a victory after city council decided water and sewage extensions should not be built to the area.

Had the infrastructure been installed, homeowners could have been saddled with ten of thousands of dollars in hookup fees.

Halifax regional municipal councillors voted against the move Tuesday.

"I was enormously relieved,” said Catherine McKinnon, a local resident.

“And I've had emails and phone calls from many, many, dozens, and dozens of people saying how relieved they are as well."

Residents also say they feared the extension might bring large scale development of land around Williams Lake.

Clayton Developments owns about 120 hectares of land near Williams Lake, which it was considering for development. But it's never made a formal application to the city.

Company vice-president Mike Hanusiak wrote in an email the company respects the city's decision on water, but "as for the disposition of our landholdings as well as others, we have no comment at this time."

The city did a $100,000 feasibility study on the proposed extension.

Right now that land is zoned urban reserve, so a developer would have to apply for it to be re-zoned before starting to build.