A couple in Kingston, N.S., found their puppy dead after a break-in, sparking an RCMP investigation into allegations of animal cruelty.

Shane Corbin and Matthew Dominey came home Monday night, but their dog Rosebud didn't greet them. Dominey found the dog in the tub.

"Matt came down the landing and said Rosebud's dead. I couldn't believe it at first," said Corbin. "Some sick people in this world. I just don't know who could do that to a five-month-old puppy."

Shane Corbin

Shane Corbin and his partner Matt Dominey found their dog dead Monday night in Kingston. (CBC)

Dominey said the dog likely suffered a terrible death.

"She was all stretched out with the juice pitcher over her head. Her back legs were broken as if they were broken because they didn't want her to get free," he said.

Their backdoor had been forced open, but nothing was missing from the home. They called police.

Police took photos and spoke with the couple and neighbours. Their investigation continues.