The government of Nova Scotia says it has found money to reduce wait times for patients needing new hips and knees.

"No question we need to do a better job when it comes to knee and hip surgery, we recognize that," said Health Minister David Wilson.

According to a 2012 report, Nova Scotians have the longest wait in the country for hip and knee surgeries.

The national report shows Nova Scotia got a "D" when it comes to hip replacement.

It received a failing grade of "F" for knee replacements, meaning less than 50 per cent of people received surgery within the recommended time frame.

But improving those marks and shortening those wait times costs money.

"We're going to put an additional $2 million in this fiscal year so that we can try and address that wait list," said Wilson.

The health minister says almost 400 Nova Scotians will receive new knees or new hips. About 120 of the operations will be done at Halifax.

Karen Munford, Capital Health District Authority spokeswoman, clarified only people who have been waiting more than a year will be part of the blitz and even then it will only be those who have been waiting the longest.

The surgery blitz starts Feb. 18.